Mathnasium Centres Celebrate Fall

By | Added Oct 22, 2015

At Mathnasium, we appreciate creativity just as much as we love math. Fall is definitely in the air, and Mathnasium Centew Directors are showcasing their decorating skills and getting festive with seasonal flair!

The Mathnasium of Lakewood, TX team got together to decorate the center in celebration of fall, their students, and knowledge overall.

Take a close look—every leaf on this "tree" has a student's name written on it!

We’re especially loving this adorable pumpkin/ghost/spider/skull combo, created by a Mathnasium mathlete!

Meanwhile, at Mathnasium of Copperfield, TX, students and staff were definitely inspired by pretty fall colors as they collaborated to decorate their front desk!

Additionally, students and staff personalized paper leaves for their “Mathnasium Rocks” tree!

How do you celebrate fall?