Word Problem Wednesday: Coloured Pencils Vs. Crayons!

By | Added May 18, 2016

Happy Word Problem Wednesday! This week's word problem goes out to all of you who love getting colourful and creative! Give it a shot; we'll update with the answer tomorrow!

Harrison bought a box of 64 coloured pencils for $24.00 and a box of 36 crayons for $12.60. Which cost more, a single coloured pencil or a single crayon?

Update: Here's the solution!

To find the price of each pencil, we divide the total cost of all the pencils by the number of pencils. Each pencil is worth $24.00 ÷ 64 = 37.5¢. Let’s compare to the price of a crayon, which is $12.60 ÷ 36 = 35¢. The value of a coloured pencil is greater than the value of a crayon!