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Our Team

Mathnasium, Khalifa City, has an experienced team of teachers well-trained to give the students personalised structured lessons based on the Mathnasium curriculum that teaches from the ground up, from core concepts to more complex ones. We make sure that the students are given equal amounts of encouragement and challenge to help get better in Math. The parents can also be sure to be updated of their child's progress on a regular basis. Come meet our team! 


Khalid Hashim, Center Director

Khalid, is the Center Director at Mathnasium in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. He is from Sudan and received his Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia. He is inspired by William Thurston's quote, "mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithims; but rather understanding." He agress with this as Math makes sense in Mathnasium due to the unique and different ways of teaching. He has had a passion for Math from a very young age. When he first discovered rulers he would measure his whole room. As he grew olderl, his passion for Math grew stronger allowing him to become an Engineer, then a Math teacher for five years, and then a Center Director at Mathnasium. In his role of a Center Director  he ensures that all students receive the right instruction, showing great improvement and progress alongside. He keeps parents updated about what is going on in the classroom and works with them to ensure that their child reaches their full potential in Math. 


Marizen Ortiz Susmena, Assistant Director 

Marizen is the Assistant Center Director at Mathnasium in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. She was born in the Philippines. She studied at Laguna State Polytechnic University in the Philippines, obtaining a Diploma in Computer Secretarial. She enjoys Mathnasium's environment along with her colleagues and students. She has learned new things whilst working in Mathnasium which she loves about her job. During her spare time she enjoys watching movies and exploring different cuisines and places. 





Mohsin Aslam, Instructor 

Mohsin is an Instructor at Mathnasium, Khalifa City. He has received a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics from GCU Lahore, Pakistan with a major in Pure Mathematics. He enjoys helping students understand math in a logical way inspiring them to love math. Teaching students of different ages and curricula' makes working at Mathnasium fun for Mohsin and there is never a dull moment. The saying, "if you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough" has been his inspiration in becoming a good teacher. Mathnasium has helped Mohsin improve his reasoning skills further. For him, it is satisfying to see students learn a new skill and work independently to solve something they did not know a moment ago. During his spare time, he likes to read books and learn new things. He also likes to solve puzzles and spend quality time with his family. 


Aziza Eltayeb, Instructor 

Aziza is an Instructor at Mathnasium, Khalifa City. She is from Sudan and moved to Abu Dhabi after receiving her Bachelor's degree in Statistics and Computer Science at the University of Khartoum, Sudan. She enjoys the customized learning offered in Mathnasium where students have their own personalized learning plan. To Aziza, Math is simple and obvious and can be very easy to understand depending on the way it is taught. During her spare time, she enjoys yoga, meditation and visiting art galleries. 



Ola Khalifeh, Instructor  

Ola Khalifeh is the Math Instructor at Mathnasium, Khalifa City. She is a Lebanese Civil Engineer with extensive experience in Mathematical and Engineering skills. She earned her Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Rafik Hairi University in Lebanon. Becoming a teacher was both an exciting and challenging endeavour Ola looks forward to experiencing. Being an Engineer, Ola has a huge passion towards Mathematical topics and found it to be her strength and she felt entirely confident. She feels it's a very important subject used in our daily life for example; in managing money, shopping for the best prices and preparing food. In 2019, Ola became an Instructor, teaching Math at Mathnasium and has been exciting for Ola because Mathnasium methods use effective approaches to teach in a simple manner that caters to students of all standard abilities. In addition, Mathnasium has a great compatible co-workers and a work environment which is highly motivating. She also enjoys excersing at the gym and shopping for clothes with friends during her free time. 


Tracy Bejjani, Instructor  

Tracy is an Instructor at Mathnasium, Khalifa City. She is Lebanese/Canadian and has lived in the U.A.E for sixteen years, and Canada for seven years. She went to the University of Toronto, Canada and studied Forensic Science, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. She was unable to decide which Science she loved the most alluding to her studying all of them. She enjoys the team spirit in Mathnasium as she believes that it is more than a tutoring center, but rather, a family. She enjoys the values at Mathnasium as everyone cares for one another. Each individual at Mathnasium cares about their students equally and what they need from the instructors. She has always loved Math since she was very young. Math is her first language, and she believes that once you understand Math, you will be able to express yourself, share opinions and be ale to use it in other domains such as Physics and Chemistry. During her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach. She also likes going out to restaurants, as well as yoga, netflix and light reading.