It's a Wrap: TriMathlon 2015!

By | Added Nov 4, 2015

Final scores are in for the Fifth Annual Mathnasium TriMathlon—Mathnasium’s annual elementary school (grades 2 to 5) math event held over the course of one weekend at Mathnasium Learning Centres across the US and Canada! We think we can all agree that this was one for the books—student participation raised over US$37,000 for community schools! Congratulations to our 208 participating centres and our 3,800 TriMathletes for a job well done—we received a ton of great feedback and photos and really appreciate how excited everyone was this year.

On October 24 and 25, 60 TriMathlon finalists from 49 Mathnasium centres competed in the Grand Prize Tiebreaker. This year’s Grand Prize Tiebreaker invited students to use their mathematical creativity using PEMDAS mathematical operations and two given numbers to get as close as possible to a third number without being equal to that number.

Grand Prize Winners

Congratulations to our 12 Grand Prize winners! This year, our winners received trophies and an awesome Mathnasium prize pack with a Mathnasium scholarship, gift cards from Panda Express and Lakeshore Learning, and more!

Grade 2

1st Place: Sahas Ravoor, Mathnasium of Rochester North, MI

2nd Place: Misha Nogin, Mathnasium of Clovis-Fresno, CA

3rd Place: Alexei Kalinin, Mathnasium of West Knoxville, TN                                       

Grade 3

1st Place: Eric Wu, Mathnasium of Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

2nd Place: Lalitha Kantam, Mathnasium of Chattanooga, TN

3rd Place: Eric Wang, Mathnasium of Fort Collins, CO                                            

Grade 4

1st Place: Satvik Kabbur, Mathnasium of Woodinville, WA

2nd Place: Tillman Peters, Mathnasium of Rockville, MD

3rd Place: Aiden Mala, Mathnasium of Cerritos, CA

Grade 5

1st Place: Simon Koski, Mathnasium of Almaden, CA

2nd Place: Evan Wu, Mathnasium of North Bethesda, MD

3rd Place: Tanush Parhi, Mathnasium of Columbia, MD

We can’t wait for next year’s competition!