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October / November 2015 Newsflash: Math Muscle Challenge

Oct 13, 2015

Grades 1 – 6: Penelope baked a total of 144 cookies. She kept 40 for herself. She then took the remaining cookies and wrapped them in goody bags. If 4 cookies go in each goody bag, how many goody bags can Penelope make? Grades 6 and up: The pro...

Trick or Treat with Mathnasium!

Oct 13, 2015

Now that it's October, we have blustery weather, fall leaves, and Halloween on our minds. We're celebrating all month with a fun activity -- Trick or Treat! Solve these five math problems using mental math “tricks”, tell us how you solved them, an...

Back to School Prep Checklist: Don't Forget Mathnasium!

Aug 17, 2015

Summer has flown by and Back to School season is here! This is a great time for new beginnings on the academic front, so let’s get organized and set priorities. Have a peek at our Back to School checklist to get started.   Buy school supp...

Aug / Sept 2015 Newsflash: Tips and Techniques

Aug 17, 2015

Upper Elementary/Middle School During a trip from City A to City B, a driver averages 25 mph. On his return trip, he drives faster, averaging 50 mph. What percent of the first travel time does the return trip take at the faster speed?  Answe...

Aug / Sept 2015 Newsflash: Math Muscle Challenge

Aug 17, 2015

Grades 1-6: Recycling centers pay $2 per pound for aluminum and 50 cents for every pound of plastic. Tony has collected 10 pounds of plastic bottles and 5 1/2 pounds of aluminum cans. If he turns it in at the recycling center, how much money wi...

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