By Marketing | Added Apr 17, 2024

About “Mathing” Tips: These tips provide parents with ideas for math exercises that will develop their child’s math abilities. Just as you should read with your child, you should “math” with them as well, using natural language that makes sense to a child. Doing math with your child is a great way to interact with them and help them learn about our world.

Today’s parent tip for “mathing” with your child focuses on subtractionSubtraction can be discussed as soon as your child begins to learn addition facts. Many times, subtraction is explained as “taking away” a certain number from a starting amount. Subtraction can also be seen as the distance between two numbers. This is sometimes easier for a child if there is a large distance between the numbers because they can count up rather than count down to the answer.

Download the activity here to practice subtraction with your child.

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