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The Whole Equals the Sum of its Parts

Jun 26, 2013

Word problems can be tough even for the math-minded. The challenge lies in correctly converting words to the numbers and symbols of an equation. One method that helps is the concept that "the whole is equal to the sum of its parts." Start with the...

18,000 Students looking forward to a Summer of Algebra, Angles, and Arithmetic

Jun 7, 2013

For most kids, summertime means swimming, sports and sun. But for 18,000 students around the country, the summer months will also be filled with algebra, angles, and arithmetic.Yes, math.Mathnasium is anticipating its largest summer enrollment eve...

Making Math Make Sense

May 31, 2013

Utilizing the Mathnasium Method, our franchisees and tutors take pride in teaching our students with a different approach, one that makes sense to them.

The Truth about Parallel Lines

May 23, 2013

Parallel lines are lines that are on the same plane and never intersect.  The distance between the two lines remain the same and do not change, no matter the length of each line.

Numbers add up for Hooksett Mathnasium franchise owner

May 13, 2013

Math is sometimes seen as a subject students either love or hate, something they simply get or don't get.Not necessarily so, says Mathnasium, which brought its franchise and its motto, "children don't hate math," to Hooksett earlier this year."A l...

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