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The Importance of Telling Time in a Digital Age

May 6, 2013

Most students today grow up with tablets, cell phones, and laptops at their fingertips. These tools can aid learning, but they can also encourage laziness. With the Mathnasium Method, students are taught to use their brains, not their iPads. I'll ...

Study: MRI Scans Can Predict Outcome of Math Tutoring

May 3, 2013

Stanford, Calif. - When it comes to math, MRIs may be better than IQs - and even past math scores - at showing whether a tutor can help a child master everything from trapezoids to trigonometry.A new study from the Stanford University School of Me...

Daily Math Laugh

Apr 29, 2013

Pi does have the tendency to exaggerate, to the one millionth digit.

Mathnasium: Where kids go to work out their brains

Apr 22, 2013

Math joke! There are three types of people in the world -- those who can count and those who can't.Perry Lalliss, Mathnasium director and owner, is out to change the misplaced perception that there is a "can" and "can't.""We want people to really ...

Earth Day Celebrations

Apr 16, 2013

Being green is more than a trend.  Keep your student educated and aware of the environment around them by celebrating Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd.  This paper craft is a simple print-out with no tape or glue needed!    

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