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Math Help: Counting and Grouping

Apr 26, 2016

Many times, when students of all ages come to Mathnasium in need of math help, their math troubles can be traced back to a lack of number sense—an intuitive grasp of how numbers work! What’s the first step to gaining number sense? Well, the most b...

Math in Nature: A Prime Life Cycle for Periodical Cicadas!

Apr 22, 2016

We’re always tickled to see unusual instances of math in nature, and this headline certainly had us grinning from ear to ear: Periodic Cicadas are Coming: Mathematical Bugs in the Prime of their Lives! While many 17-year-old humans spend springtim...

Word Problem Wednesday: Pizza!

Apr 20, 2016

Happy Word Problem Wednesday! This week's word problem certainly has our stomachs growling for some pizza. Give it a shot; we'll update with the answer tomorrow! Morgan’s scout troop is having a pizza party. They order 2 each of 3 varieties of ...

4/4/16 Marks a Rare and Radical Math Holiday!

Apr 4, 2016

4/4/16 is Square Root Day! Square Root Days occur when the month (4) and the day (4) are both equal to the square root of the year (16). The square of a number is the product of the number times itself. The number that is multiplied by itself i...

It's a Square Root Day Word Problem Giveaway!

Apr 4, 2016

It's a Square Root Day word problem giveaway! Email with your answer to our Square Root Day word problem by Friday, April 8—one lucky winner will receive a Mathnasium prize pack! The perimeter of a square grilled cheese...

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