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A Flea's Flea - Proportional Thinking

Oct 18, 2012

 When my son Nick was seven years old, he told me, "Hey Dad, if the world was the size of a basketball, our house would be as big as a flea's flea!"I was stunned at this incredible display of Proportional Thinking.  While I thought to myself that ...

Wholes and Parts

Oct 18, 2012

Add 17 + 18 + 19. Do it quick! If you reached for a scratch sheet to get to the solution of 54, you didn't do it wrong, but here's a different way to think about this question:First, round each number to the nearest 10 (20 in this case), and add t...

Counting, The Basis of Number Sense

Oct 18, 2012

I have often heard students coming out of a class saying, "That stuff doesn't make sense!" This is because many students have not developed a good general sense of the mathematical subject matter that is presented at school. Students are not provi...

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